23 September 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. It's raining. Not a big deal here in Vancouver, but I haven't had to run in the rain in AGES. Not too sure if I'll pull out the water-resistant jacket tonight since it's only drizzle. I might have to use my toque though since my ears started to hurt from the cold on my run last night.

2. Hope to have new shoes this weekend.
Really need new shoes this weekend - to break in before the big day and so I don't kill my knees with the old pair. Will be selling unused sports equipment to get the funds (unless one of you would like to be my shoe-fairy-godmother/father/parent?). When you can't remember the last time you used your snowboard or rollerblades it's time to let them go. The place I'm taking them to apparently takes used runners too - I'm sure I'll weep at the amount they'll give me for my (original price $159.99) GT-2140s, but anything is better than nothing!

3. Feel free to enter my
contest - $40 to CSN!


  1. I love running in the rain but since I sweat a lot I don't use a jacket. I would be wet under it anyway.
    Good luck getting rid of your stuff and getting new shoes.

  2. It's chilly in Seattle, too. Already. Sigh.



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