31 May 2010

Run, Courtney, Run! Juneathon 2010 Cancelled

Unfortunately, the fitness challenge that I was going to participate in (see previous posts) has been cancelled. Courtney had shared the idea with us, but it was originally from another blogger. There was a misunderstanding as to how one could enter and the other blogger preferred that Courtney not host a challenge of her own. I'm choosing not to join the other bloggers' challenge, but wish them the best of luck. If anything it takes a little stress off of me. Hopefully I'll still attempt to exercise daily even if I don't post it here.

27 May 2010

My Marathon Changed Its Name...

While checking facebook today I noticed that the race I am planning on running for my first marathon has aquired a title sponsor. While I understand that sponsorship is good - more money = better race and better for their charity partners - it still disappoints me. I was really excited to run at the Royal Victoria Marathon. The GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon? Not so much.

25 May 2010

Juneathon 2010

Because my June isn't busy enough with training for the Vancouver Scotiabank Half Marathon at the end of the month as well as starting my marathon training clinic on the 10th I thought that I would add in a little fitness challenge too!

Courtney over at Run, Courtney, Run! is hosting

For the month of June I get to:
  • Exercise every day. This should be easy as I will already be running approximately 4-5 days/week and only have to throw in some cross/strength/core training to make up the last couple of days.
  • Blog about exercising every day. This might be harder since I'm likely to forget if I don't write myself a note or mark it off on my calendar.
At the end of June I:
  • Might be selected for a prize.
  • Will be more fit that I have been in a long while.
If you think that this sounds like fun (c'mon, you know it does...) you can sign up too.

It's Been A Year...

I have wanted to write about my "running journey" for a while, but since it seemed long and involved I hadn't yet gotten around to it. It seems appropriate that I kept putting it off because when I finally sat down to write I discovered that I have been running for a whole year. It seems crazy that this time last year I was having pre-clinic jitters about even going out to run (which, to call it what it was, was more of a shuffle). So here is the real beginning of my journey to The Marathon...

I started running in May 2009. I had gotten to thinking around my birthday, in March, that I needed to do something for me. I'd had a brief encounter with running in my early twenties, but it didn't stick. However, it was something that I had enjoyed; obviously enough to try again. The main reason for signing up for a learn-to-run clinic was to have some time away from M, who was 18 months old at that time. That and I was thinking ahead to my "I'm turning 30 midlife crisis" the next year and decided that I would work up to being able to run a marathon by the time I was that age.

When I signed up in March I was asked if I wanted to start that night, but I just couldn't bring myself to commit since it had taken me so long to even voice the long term goal. I had a month and a half to stew over it and in May 2009 I started running. Well, walk/running - with the emphasis on walk. Looking back I remember feeling really self-conscious about it (and being there by myself too, introvert that I am). But everyone was there for the same reason. We worked our way up to 10 + 1s (run 10 min/walk 1 min) and at the end of the clinic we were prepared to run a 5km race. Instead of paying for an entry fee, I got ambitious and put the money toward a 10km clinic).

My next class started in September. I had anxiety at the start again, especially when I found out most of the class was coming up from the 5km clinic. I discovered very early on that I was slow compared to everyone else. Looking back on my training log there are a lot of clinic-night entries that say "at back of group". I definitely went through a phase of feeling like I wasn't good enough and doubting myself because I couldn't keep up with the faster runners. Of course, I hadn't quite gotten that it wasn't a race with anyone but me. This class introduced me to steady runs and hill repeats - I'll let you figure out which one I liked better. I never got much faster, but the class really helped me get my base up. At the end, my last long run was 16km. It took my 2 hours and 15 minutes which I was thrilled with then, but I've gotten so much better.

In keeping with my plan of eventually training for The Marathon I actually began my half marathon program 3 weeks before the 10km class was over. It was really nice to get away 2 nights a week for that time! As with the other classes I was a fairly entrenched "back-of-the-pack"-er. I had all of the same feelings as before and was actually pretty intimidated. A lot of the other people had run halfs or fulls before and I was a little lost. My first run was at tempo pace and even though my log says "felt really good" I know that I had no idea what I was doing. At that point all I understood was that tempo = go fast.

Everything was moving along well until a month in when I had to have my wisdom teeth extracted. I didn't run for 2 weeks and that first run back really stunk. It was a 10km run that took me almost an hour and a half. My brain wasn't getting that I had taken time off to recover - all I could concentrate on was that I was the last one back. It was incredibly demoralizing to find out that everyone else had gone home and just the store staff were there. Hindsight tells me that this made me stronger emotionally as a runner (perseverance, what doesn't kill me..., etc), but that day was probably the worst one I've ever had running. After that, though, things started to get better. Quite a few of my entries say how proud I am of myself.

At Christmas I got my heart rate monitor - a perk of my staff discount was that I could get one that had all the bells and whistles that I wanted - and it changed my running. Before I was pretty much all over the place and it helped me get more consistent. I was introduced to more training techniques: hills (more repeats, so thanks Mum and Dad for babysitting), fartleks and a little speed work, which I gave up after one week so I wouldn't hurt myself.

After floating around in the group and mainly running on my own I finally decided to see if I could keep pace with the 2:15 pace group 2 weeks before my race. Surprisingly I was able to do it. It was a big confidence booster and I really wish I had gotten up the guts to join them earlier. At the end of the clinic I ran my first race - The Historic Half Marathon in Langley, BC. It was a hilly course (my practice run notes call one hill "evil and long"), but I felt really well prepared. It was a warm February day and a great day for a run. I lost C right at the start (on purpose as he's faster; Mr. 1:55:07) and I just ran for myself. I had my ups and downs, but never really felt like I was out of it - however, I never should have taken my last walk break... I almost didn't start running again. I'm not sure where I found a burst of energy on the home stretch - most likely it had something to do with picking off a woman that was older than me who I'd been pacing for half the race - but I crossed the line in 2:16:58. Since I was aiming to complete, and I thought 2-1/2 hours would be nice if I tried really hard, getting a decent first PR was awesome.

I'm training on my own now for my second half marathon, but I know I've been blessed with good, supportive instructors. Big huge "Thank You"s to Diane, Jenn and Darren!

My next clinic starts 10 June and then I'm on the final road to my ultimate goal. It hasn't been easy, but it's not as difficult as I had expected. Thanks so much for your support - please keep sending kind words my way... I'm sure I'll need them!

18 May 2010

Who Likes Short Shorts?

I like short shorts??? Apparently so. This has come as a complete revelation. If you know me you would know that I do not do short. Not shorts, not skirts, nothing. My thighs never see the light of day. So this has taken me by surprise. I've been a dedicated wearer of pants/tights since starting running last May. Super hot summer heat - wore my lululemon pants. Fall/winter - tights were the way to go. I'd obviously gotten over/come to terms with the whole jiggly back-end issue. But I'd never felt good in shorts. I'm fairly certain that the last time I wore gym shorts was when I had gym class; 1998, when I was still in high school.

I decided that I would buy a pair of capris to see how it was running in shorter pants. Unfortunately I didn't quite get the principles of compression and found out on the day of my long run that they were too big. They sure would have been nice that unseasonably warm morning, but I'm kind of grateful that I didn't wear them. I discovered that even capris will be too much this summer and that shorts were going to have to become my friends. After trying on several pairs here are the two I bought:

I've got to say that while I love the Under Armour shorts, and they are super comfy for running, the Nike's are going to be my at-home exercise shorts. They aren't true compression, just snug, so they failed miserably for my 5km tempo run. Thankfully I remembered to use my Body Glide! If I had wanted shorts that short I would have bought the bun-hugger Under Armour 2" Compression Short. To anyone who happened to see me on that run - I apologize and I hope you didn't laugh and/or cringe when you saw me... I'm not big, but it still wasn't too pretty. I have a lot of squats and lunges to go before I'll wear them out to run again.

02 May 2010

I Did It...

On Friday I registered C and I for our half marathon*. It's not that this is my first race - that was in February - but there is something that seems to happen when a race is paid for. I have to say that this simple task makes it much more "real". It's no longer intangible. It's no longer a maybe. I went from thinking "Sure, I'll be running on 27 June" to "(Oh crap) I'll be running on 27 June." Not much of a difference there, but many of you (and especially if you are a runner) know what I mean. Now there is something to PLAN for. Not that I haven't been planning already - I'm halfway through my training program and, let me tell you, I haven't been doing hill repeats for fun.

But now I have to think of other things:
  • SHOES: Will my running shoes hold out until after the race? In reality, probably not. I have a 3 week overlap with my marathon clinic so I'll have a lot of extra mileage on them. They are already well broken in and I'm pretty sure that the next 9 weeks of training just might kill them or my knees if they go. I'd love for them to last a little longer since my work, a large Canadian sporting goods retailer, will be carrying my shoes in my size (finally), but they aren't coming in until August.
  • FUELING: I need to make sure all the things I like to eat/drink like me in return. So far so good with GU (mmm, mint chocolate) and Ultima lemonade. I just recently found out that cheap Zellers arrowroot cookies love me immediately before a run. Not hugely healthy, but great for shorter runs. Now to find something that loves me prior to my long runs as right now I have to eat 2+ hours before going out.
  • WATER: Seems simple, but I really have to work on this. And by "this" I mean actually drinking plain water. I hate it. C makes fun of me for it, but I can't stand the non-taste of water. I think it's boring and it does a great disservice to my already miniscule bladder. However, I have to get on top of this since my run is in the summer and so is all my marathon training. I'd have to be pretty dumb not to learn to love water.
  • BABYSITTING: Both C and I will be running the half so we'll have to find somewhere for M to go. We have awesome family and friends who are usually more than willing to offer to help us. However, this one might mean doing something BIG in return. Here's why: the race starts at 7am. The organizers suggest being there about 1 hour prior for parking, etc. and it's a 45 minute drive there. You do the math as to how early that is! To any of our regular, reliable babysitters: we'll talk (or beg; or grovel; or do a drop and run). Addendum: My wonderful sister-in-law emailed me on facebook right after I posted this and kindly offered to either take M overnight or come to our house really early! THANK YOU!!! I'm pretty sure that one of these days I'll have her 2 kids dropped on my doorstep and I won't see her and my brother-in-law for a week...

So this is what I've been thinking about this week. As for what I've been doing I've had a pretty productive 9 days. Two really good long runs (12km and 14km) have bookended my week. Bootcamp was great and didn't hurt me this time around although the rain never let up once during the whole hour. My other runs this week were on pace and I felt great for not slacking off.

All in all it's been a pretty decent start to the month.

*Originally I was going to register for the marathon too in order to save a few bucks due to the incoming, and much loathed, HST (harmonized sales tax), but that went by the wayside since it meant adding another couple hundred dollars to the credit card.

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