13 September 2010

Good News!

After 3 weeks of not being able to run more than 5km at a time, Colin went for a 10km run tonight! Yay! If only we'd known the Nike open patella knee sleeve would help so much we could have bought it earlier... maybe he would have taken water with him tonight if he had known too. It's not a total solution, but I'm very happy that it works and proud of him for keeping at it. He's got an ART (Active Response Therapy) appointment on Thursday that will hopefully help some more.

Countdown is in full-swing now: only 27 more days til race day. That's 3 long runs, people!


  1. I never had to wear a knee sleeve but I see people run/hike with them often.
    Good luck with long runs.

  2. i ran with sleeves as a kid, but as I've gotten older cross training finally made my knees stronger and I don't need one anymore

  3. He's wearing it mostly to help with his non-tracking knee-cap rather than the IT. Hopefully his PT strength exercises will help too. He keeps asking me to listen to the noises his knee makes which really just creeps me out...



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