19 August 2011

My Husband Loves Me...

...so much that when I told him in a quiet mumble how much I spent on running clothes all I got was an exasperated "Alanna," a sigh and an eye-roll.  Best husband ever!  

Seriously, though, this is all necessary.  Just ask any of my regular running partners.  They're sick to death of seeing me in the same stuff.  The following represent why I'm willing to stick with a job in retail.  I certainly wouldn't have gotten it all if I'd had to pay full price.  This isn't to brag that I get sweet deals.  I'm just really excited that I've finally gotten new clothes after about 2 years!

1. Champion T-Back Sports Bra:

Necessary because I currently only have an oft-washed much too old Lululemon one right now.  And awesome because it's sized like a real bra.  

2.  Nike Dedication Long Bra II:

You can't see it very well, but the back is entirely mesh.  This has been on my list for a while.  Why, yes, I do make up wish lists while I'm working.

3. Diadora Fitness V-Neck: 

Fits well enough and cost about $7.  Score!

4. Diadora Short Sleeve Technical T-Shirt:

Even cheaper than the v-neck!

5. Adidas Response 3/4 Tight:

Another wish list item.  Super comfy (re: tight enough at the bottom) and have mesh panels at the waist and on the backs of the knees.  These will probably become my go-to pants for fall.

6.  Diadora Reversible Yoga Pants:

Something comfy for the van.  Also potentially part of our team "uniform" to go with our hoodies.

7.  Under Armour HeatGear Lo Cut Socks:

Not exactly the Injinjis I'm used to, but I paid the same price for 4 pairs as I would for one of those...  They'll do for the relay!


  1. You are the Super Score Master! And your husband is a sweetheart :)

  2. I am a newbie to your blog!

    Awesome finds for some new gear...need some myself since I have had the same running shorts since, oh, 2002!!!

  3. Whenever I go shopping, I always go straight to the workout clothes. I own way too many and not enough everyday 'normal' clothes.

  4. LOVE #5 the adidias tights! Good job shopping LOL

  5. Those tops (the champion bra and long bras) look amazing! You will have to let me know what you think at HTC!

  6. i want, no NEED that nike tank. work out clothes are WAY more fun to buy then normal clothes.



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