01 April 2011

March By The Numbers

Total Kilometres/Miles: 183.59/114.08

Long Runs: 3/4 (every Sunday; lengths ranging from 23.5km to 32km).  Missed one (29km) when I was sick.  Didn't have anything to prove by running when things were falling apart.

Runs Missed: Lots.  Mainly Tuesdays and Fridays.  Same as always - the 4th run of the week.  Missed a couple others when I was sick, too.

Core/Strength/Stretch Planned/Completed: Lots/Few.  'Nuff said.  Not even an April Fool's joke.

Push Ups: I refuse to tell since that would be admitting how little I did the above.

Time Spent Running: 19.48 hours.

Holy crapoly.  In a month I'll be running my 2nd marathon!  That makes me excited and nauseous all at the same time.


  1. wow! and mine was a total of...are you ready?....
    5K! hahaha!

    good luck on your second marathon Alanna! =)

  2. You last line cracked me up. You're going to do great on your second half!!!!

  3. Looks like you had a really solid month

  4. If you've run almost 200 km, I'd say you're good to go and I don't give you any trouble for missing a couple of workouts...espcially when your body needs to rest or you are sick. Or lazy. B/c we all need to use the lazy excuse every now and then!

  5. Holy Crapoly! Haha.
    Let's kick some *** in April!!!!

  6. All that matters are the runs you did and they were great! Nice month.



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