30 November 2010

Why Would Anyone NOT Want To Enter A Contest?

Because they don't know about it.

I think I may have made a fatal error. I thought that putting up a contest on Black Friday would be genius. Save money for Christmas, I thought... Buy a present for yourself, I thought. However, I seemed to have forgotten what a family oriented holiday Thanksgiving is in the US. Here's the realization I've come to:

No one was online last weekend - they all took a bloggy-sabbatical for 4 days.

This can be the only explanation for having only 3 people enter my contest. It's not like I even make you become a follower. That's just for bonus entries!

So this is me begging you to enter reminding you that I have a $35 CSN Stores gift certificate up for grabs. Contest ends Friday! Click here to get all the details!


  1. My blog hits went WAY down during the US thanksgiving holiday. I'll post the crap out of this on twitter to see if I can't get you some more entries! :)

  2. BTW - twitter.com/adamrisu ;)

  3. Yeah, I was down 75% in blog hits too. I say Good! people have their priorities! Shopping!

  4. I think youre right, I put up a contest too-thinking it was a good idea over the shopping holiday. But I have VERY few entries :(

    have you check it out?

  5. I tried to sell my soul to the devil last week ... he was out! whew!

  6. I have missed so many posts! I try to keep up reading with my 'smart' phone but it doesn't make leaving comments very easy and for some blogs I can't do it at all. I think it will be this way until we get through the New year and then I hope life calms down a bit. G
    ee it's sad that I am wishing to be bored for a little while. heehee



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