04 November 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. I'm sick. Yaaay! Spud has had a cold for the last almost 2 weeks and yesterday I started with the sneezes and drippy nose. Hopefully I won't get the puking and coughing...

2. I have a run planned with a friend tomorrow afternoon. Spud is starting a gym class and it's not parent participation! He loves the teacher - so much so that the rec centre is referred to as "Miss Leslie's" - and I don't think that there will be an emotional breakdown as I leave... (knock on wood). It will be nice to get out for almost an hour and the rain is supposed to clear up late morning.

3. I have to clean my kitchen. Not exciting, but that was the best thing I could come up with. How sad is that?


  1. We just did the 'leave with teacher' for the first time 2 weeks ago. It was very disappointing that he didn't cry or call for daddy the entire time. He just went and played and had a great time. Boohoo.

    He asks to go back every day. he loves it. It is 2 hours, the first hour is Art and the second hour is sports.

  2. Spud's "Bramma"04 November, 2010 14:32

    Hang in there, guys...getting to be a grandparent is the gift God gives you for surviving raising/ruining your own children.



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