19 November 2010

The Good News And The Bad News

Might as well get the bad news out of the way first. There will be no awesome Sugoi giveaway. I just couldn't find anything that was a) inexpensive enough and b) properly sized. I could have gotten some accessories, like arm warmers or socks, but the size selection was poor by the time I arrived. Given that the majority of my readership is female I figured unisex size L or bigger was a bad bet.

Two pieces of good news:

1. I now have properly fitted running tights. Granted, I can't wear them until after Christmas (hooray for money from my in-laws), but that's okay. Here's what I picked up at the sale:

$25: SubZero Tight - these should be super-warm and have a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish. These are going to be my go-to winter tight.

$25: MidZero Tight - Thermal, but doesn't have DWR. Should be good for spring.

$15: Piston R+R Knee High - Compression! Mine have a fluorescent green toe stripe. They're about 1/2 a shoe size too big according to the chart (Large, when I really need a Medium). The ones I snagged from Colin that are the same size fit pretty well, but had been stretched out before I stole them. Fingers crossed that these work for me so I can run in them.

It totally pays to rifle through bins. I found the socks in with other loose pairs and when I asked the guy if there were more he was really surprised that I'd found a pair. I guess he thought they'd sold out. The SubZeros were found on the second trip to the tights and the MidZeros were scored in the change room when a woman with whom I had been in line said they didn't fit her. Overall I saved myself just over $150 off of list price. So awesome!

2. I do have a contest coming up next week! Not Sugoi, but equally as good. Let's just say that one of you will be getting some help buying your Christmas presents...


  1. thats awesome that you scored all those things for cheap!! Isn't a great feeling to save money?! Especially with Christmas coming up! :)

  2. I'm totally jealous that you were able to get those for so cheap! I think I may have those subzero tights (or last year's version of them).

  3. in response to your comment we have had the 2160's in the store for about 2 weeks now and had a tech night about them last week. I think you will be pretty safe! They didn't change too much except gave it a softer more premium sock liner and under foam and improved the durability of the mesh. They are also a bit lighter =) And thanks for the suggestions---i finally ended up deciding to do just that yesterday and print the wings onto the shirt =)



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