26 June 2010

Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon - Preview

Race day on Sunday! Here's what I'm up against...

I think that it's going to go well. I've driven the route and it's all good, but it's that last uphill on the Burrard Bridge that I think might kill me - it's a nice long, steady incline. My mantra is going to be, "I AM the hill." Race report to follow... but if you want to check my time you can look on the race website in the afternoon; my bib is #96.

1 comment:

  1. AHHH! I love the Scotia Bank half! Very scenic. Yes, the Burrard Street Bridge is an unexpectedly tough hill....it's at the end and you don't usually think of a bridge as a hill, but it is one! Hope all went well today and enjoy an especially good and filling dinner tonight!



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