27 June 2010

One Race: Three Finish Times

I PR'd today! The best part is that all 3 times (gun, chip, and HRM) were PRs... Personally I'm taking my own time as my PR. The chip time doesn't account for the 3 minute pit stop at Km 17...

  • Gun Time: 2:13:07
  • Chip Time: 2:11:38
  • Polar HRM Time: 2:08:49
  • Placing: 2539/3812 overall; 1196/2124 gender; 212/362 age group

Here are a couple of photos taken by Herb, our designated carpool driver/photographer/marathon clinic leader (who, unfortunately, couldn't run due to injury), which I shamelessly stole from facebook:

3km in - looking good...

Sprinting to the finish line - I was in the zone!

Herb brought us champagne and OJ to celebrate!

Race report to follow once I get some more pictures and relax a little.


  1. Awesome time. Can't wait to hear more about it!

  2. Hey Alanna! You've won something on my blog - check it out and email me your address. Thanks for following my journey!

  3. great job!
    my friend ran that same race as her first half marathon.

  4. Just wanted to register our pride in both our daughter, Alanna, and our son-in-law, the infamous "C" of this blog. Way to go, darlin's!
    Love you both!
    Mum & Dad

  5. Awesome!! 51/2 minutes is a lot.
    Don't you just love those pre race jitters, and the end of race hills!!

    This is my first time stopping by, I think. Nice to meet you.



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