07 June 2010

4 Days Until My Marathon Clinic Starts!

My marathon training clinic starts Thursday! I'm not sure if I should be excited, anxious or sick to my stomach... I think I'm all three, but right now more anxious than anything.

However, I came across a quote today on another runner's blog (thanks Mel @ Tall Mom on the Run) that I'm pretty sure will be my inspiration for the next 18 weeks:

Don't let what
you cannot do
interfere with what
you can do.
- John Wooden

I think this will help me get through all the fears I have and hopefully overcome the mind-games I'm sure that I'll play with myself. It's getting posted on my bulletin board and anywhere else C might let me put it up as soon as I'm done here!


  1. tonight I went through my son's summer schedule with him, and realized when all his weeks of activities are done, my marathon will be here, which made my stomach lurch a bit!

    thanks for linking my giveaway!

  2. Good luck with the clinic - took your advice and signed myself up at Denman. First clinic last night! Enjoyed it but think I will find running 5 times a week a challenge.

    Think the clinic is definitely going to help - thanks for the tip!



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