27 January 2011

One Thing Thursday

Nothing of much consequence has been going on here lately so today you only get one thing:

The Environment Canada weather person is a total liar!  A couple of days ago we were supposed to have a lovely sunny Sunday for our long run, but as of today the next week looks like this:

Now I know that this is glorious weather compared to so many of you.  And I am definitely thankful that we don't have freezing temperatures or ice and snow.  However, it is like this here ALL THE TIME!  Would one measly nice day be too much to ask for?  


  1. Haha! One Thing Thursday...Love it! Sorry about the rain! I'd be annoyed too!

  2. We had a rainy group run in Quesnel on Monday night and were all lamenting that we lived in the North to avoid the Vancouver weather! I prefer the snow to the rain, but at least the rain doesn't block your driveway!

  3. .....anything in the + range for temps would make me happy for my Sunday run...I need a good one.



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