29 October 2010

This Is Me

I stole this picture from Heather at Run Faster, Mommy! I'm pretty sure that when I have some extra money laying around I'll get it made into a t-shirt. My family and friends love me, but this is usually how our conversations go!


  1. hahaha! i saw this yesterday. I'm lucky that my fiance actually likes (or i think he does) listening to my running stories and rants. However, I am unfair. I am the one who is bored when he talks about golf. haha!

  2. Some old woman who loves Alanna...29 October, 2010 15:49

    Shouldn't this blog now be called "Alanna's Journey to the NEXT Marathon?

  3. After that would it be the NEXT next marathon? Or Some Marathons... Or Alanna's crazy enough to do this all again... etc. etc. etc. Mum, is that picture representative about how you feel when I come over?



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