24 July 2010

Running into new territory...

Tomorrow will be the longest run I have done thus far in my life! Up until now the longest distance I have run is 21.1km, also known as the half marathon.

I have a 23km (14-and-a-bit miles) training run in the morning and am super-psyched about it. I'm pretty sure that if you'd told me last year that I'd say that now I would have laughed my head off. Really, when I started running last year just getting up to "run 10 minutes/walk 1 minute" was a pipe-dream.

It's going to be a fairly easy route - just straight, rolling hills for the most part - and the online weather powers-that-be tell me it will be a beautiful, sunny, 24° C (75° F). The only hard part about it is that we're taking M with us, but we're planning on switching off half way through as long as I pass by Colin's faster pace group at the right time; otherwise, I'm pushing the whole way.

What's on your agenda for this weekend?


  1. Hope your run went well! I had my first 14 miler last weekend and did 15 miles this weekend. These are all firsts for me too since the longest I've done so far is the half too! It's exciting that each run is longest run ever!

  2. Hope you had a great run, I did my longest run ever last weekend too, 17! Yikes!!!

    thanks for linking my giveaway!



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