19 July 2010

Neurosis of a SAHM of 3 Virtual "Half & Half" Race/Run Pictorial Recap

Seeing as it's my 7th anniversary today and we got home from vacation after midnight last night this will be a pictures mostly recap! I'll come back and add words in a couple of days.

21.1km - Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park, Tofino, British Columbia

We decided not to run on the road...
...the emergency lanes were between 1 and 2 feet wide...

... and we didn't particularly want to meet up
with a tourist driven motor-home
(you don't need lessons to drive one)!

So optimistic at the start.

Can you see the turn around at 10km?

Neither could we (this shows up to about 3km).

This "river" was a good 4 inches deep in the middle
and that was the shallowest part we could find.
We spent about 20 minutes (off the clock) looking.

And, yes, I got soaked both on the way and back -
the second time was above my shoe...

Climbed some rocks (those little fogged in ones on my left),
but thankfully found a path on the way back.

10km turnaround shot!

There are no "after" shots as we were too tired and way behind schedule!

Final run time: 2:39:00
(7:30/km pace - just over my target training pace)

Total run time: +3hrs


  1. I loooooooooooove Tofino. I went to school at UVic and would take random trips up there.

  2. Way to go Alanna! Were you sore after beach running?

  3. Not sore at all! My IT Band twinged when the beach got a little off horizontal, but I think that living in the compression socks that I bummed off Colin for two days really helped.

  4. You two are such a cute couple! I love the pictures:) Way to be rock stars and run in the sand!



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