19 July 2011

Team Nuun Tuesday

Not a lot to report this week.  The 2 things I want to talk about in depth are either unannounced or have not arrived yet.  So here's the pathetically short synopsis.

1.  Team #2 has a name.  I found out purely accidentally when their new group showed up in my Facebook news feed.  However, I can't in good conscience spoil it for them.  I really want to spill the beans, but that would make me a bad word of the highest order.  And a really crappy teammate.  Let's just say that it's great and, even though I love our name, I kind of wish we'd thought of it.  If Team #2 is reading - What's taking so long?!?* 

2.  Nuun sent out a gift pack of sorts to team members.  There has been much talk about it on Facebook.  Unfortunately I do not get to benefit from the USPS's efficient service.  While everyone is either ripping theirs open or giving it away (I may or may not be that generous) I am patiently waiting.  That would be the downside to living in another country.  I get to guess when Canada Border Services Agency and Canada Post will get their acts together and deliver my package already!   

*Seriously, I'm only half joking.  I can keep a secret (well, Colin knows), but still.  If the suspense is killing me, think about how everyone else is feeling... :)


  1. I am so sorry you have to wait for that slow Canadian post. I find myself waiting at times here in Hawaii. I can't wait to hear what you get!

  2. Hehehe oh I have a feeling all will be revealed soon....


  3. We had a whole unveiling invasion planned :P But now it's out!



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