28 July 2011

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other...

Happy BC Day Long Weekend to the freaks and weirdos.

What's the most random search that's found your blog?


  1. wow that is nice, recently I got maxi pad and red head in sports bra!

  2. Last week it was 'child vomit Louvre' and yesterday it was 'old lady vigina' (w/ misspelling). I get lots and lots of weird ones…but I have a weird blog :P

  3. So, I had a post titled "Uh Oh No Strings Attached" about my insulin pump dying and having to go "unattached" for a few days.

    So, no surprise that a bunch of people have come to my site in search of a (from what I gather) casual dating website called "gonostrings". Sorry fellas, this girl is taken... :-S

  4. they must have been talking about your passport photos




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