16 December 2010

Canyon Lights At Capilano Suspension Bridge

Last night Colin and I had the opportunity to go to the Capilano Suspension Bridge for their Christmas themed Canyon Lights.  My parents had won free passes and volunteered their babysitting services so we were able to go once Colin was off work.  It was only drizzling a little and wasn't too cold.  It was a really nice date night!  

If you've been to Vancouver you'll know that this is a big tourist attraction.  It's a wobbly bridge that is 450 feet long and 270 feet high.  Generally I'm terrified of it.  During peak hours it's not fun (for me) at all - the bridge swings back and forth; teenagers/tourists try on purpose (!) to make it move.  But when it's dark and there are very few people on it it's not too bad.  I did have to hang on to Colin's jacket though.  Once you cross the bridge there are mini suspension bridges between the trees - thankfully they don't move too much.  It was nice to play tourist in my own city for once.   


The bridge - it's covered in LED lights.

Fish pond - the lanterns changed colour.


I'd call it artistic, but really I just can't keep my camera still on a moving platform.

Nothing says "Christmas in CANADA" like dressing the Mountie bear like Santa.

Colin and I laughed ourselves stupid over this one - I refuse to make any comments, but you're welcome to.

Proof we were there.


  1. awwwww how beautiful! makes me smile! thanks for sharing =)

  2. oooo I should try and head down there before CHristmas. Whenever I think of that bridge I always think of that psycho that threw her baby off it.

  3. Hey, we know that bridge. It looks so pretty now.
    Love the raindrops and your artistic picture.

  4. What an awesome little date night!

  5. Q: How amazing are those pictures, esp. the bridge?

    A: Very

  6. Beautiful! Thanks for Sharing!!!

  7. I love christmas lights!! Great pictures

  8. In all my visits to Vancouver, I've never been to the suspension bridge! It looks like it would be neat to see at this time of year!



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