27 May 2010

My Marathon Changed Its Name...

While checking facebook today I noticed that the race I am planning on running for my first marathon has aquired a title sponsor. While I understand that sponsorship is good - more money = better race and better for their charity partners - it still disappoints me. I was really excited to run at the Royal Victoria Marathon. The GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon? Not so much.


  1. I'm planning on running this as my first marathon and registered last weekend. I'm following the plan on their website. I'm pretty excited - I spent 4 years in university there so know the steets and the route. Beautiful course.

  2. Hi! Just caught a comment you posted to BarbieRuns and thought I would check check check you out :) Added your blog to my google reader so I can follow along. I hope this race turns out well and can't wait to see if its sponsorship affects the race in more ways than the title and logo you show above!

  3. Hi Alanna, Thanks for the tip about the Running Room Clinics - really interested but need to decide on whether to spend money on the clinics (will probably miss a few Sunday sessions though) or doing my hot yoga which I miss.

    Talking of races - am doing the Scotiabank half too!

    Agree with you on the rename - not as catchy - and it will be a lot of work to update all the links on my blog! What's in a name?: http://wp.me/pVf0I-2d

    Happy running!




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