19 March 2012

It's On Like Donkey Kong!

It's here, it's here!!  

Jump up in sheer excitement and put your thinking caps on! 

Nuun is now accepting Hood to Coast applications!

You must be:

You must have:
An active blog

You can find out all the details HERE.

You have until 9 April 2012 to get your submission in.

Go.  Do it.  Now.


  1. Replies
    1. Do! It was the highlight of my year last summer.

  2. Im going to put in for this. Sounds fun. Will you share a little more about how it went for you last year? Erica

  3. I want to do this so badly! It just isn't in my budget this year......boo hoo....

  4. Just found your blog! Fellow Canadian (but in Toronto). Not ready for Hood To Coast, but, maybe next year?

  5. This looks really neat - I'd so love to submit an application but am busy trying to think of something cool to do!



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