22 October 2010

Race Recap - Running Diva Mom's 10/10/10 10K Virtual Race

Running Diva Mom put out a challenge to do a virtual 10K run on 10 October. Now, as you know, I was running my marathon that day. So I said that I would do four 10km runs. Here are the results from my Polar HRM:

10km #1 - 1:01:55

10km #2 - 1:03:54 (20km - 2:05:49)

10km #3 - 1:12:58 (30km - 3:18:47)

10km #4 - 1:23:55 (40km - 4:42:42)

My first 10km was my best! Keep in mind that I wasn't actually going out to do a 10km race... I guess what this challenge shows me is that I have to work really hard next marathon to achieve negative splits! I really need to do a 10km race so that I know how fast I can actually go!


  1. awesome time! good job!
    thanks for the comment on my blog. new follower here. hope you can join my SPIbelt giveaway as well =)

  2. Thanks for participating! Love the photos -- you look so strong!!



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